The business world is evolving. Your collaboration tools as well.


Communication means are becoming more complex. But do not worry, Facilis has imagined solutions to simplify your life without changing your work habits.


Save time, avoid technical problems, opt for innovative, powerful and secure tools, created for you, with you.


Business solutions designed for you


The Quebec company that simplifies your exchanges at work

You are our number one priority.


More than one million users use our first mybys solution to communicate, work, interact with colleagues, consultants and collaborators.

Collaborate in no time

Share your screen just when you need it. Mybys is THE webcasting solution that has been specifically designed for today's hectic environment.

Manage your team quickly

Do not lose the thread! Stay connected with our revolutionary enterprise social networking solution: in one place, with one click, SMS call all your employees, save, share and more!

Work in no time with all your collaborators, coworkers and consultants

No need for training


You can use our solutions immediately not only with your team but also with all your clients and associates.

Minimal technical support


Our solutions are so intuitive and efficient that you will not have to spend hours running them. 

A large adoption


A simple and reliable software is a software 100% used.

Our engineers have redesigned the way collaborative tools are thought to offer you easy-to-use solutions

Increase your work force simply and effectively

Dialogue easily


Adopt intuitive and reliable solutions that will allow you to operate immediately. No need for training: we guarantee it, you will not touch our user guide!

Set out to conquer new markets


You'll see, saving time on technical issues leaves more room for what really matters to you: the development of your business and the passion of your business.

Challenge the laws of productivity


By choosing our solutions, share your screen, save capsules, summon your teams urgently by email or SMS in just a few clicks. And you don't need to change your work environment!


A dynamic team at your service


We exist to meet your needs, which are constantly moving. Your requirement and your satisfaction push us to go further and further.

We are listening to you, feel free to write to us.


For general questions, you can contact us at

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For quick assistance, a member of our technical team will be pleased to help you!

They chose us


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