Business World : How to keep in touch?

November 23, 2017

Our work environment has evolved over the last several years. Information technologies have upset our relationship with employment, both in terms of organization and the nature of the professions involved. Dematerialization of information, decentralization of offices - we have become more flexible. But has our internal communication become even more effective?


Mobility, creator of multiple communication channels


Mobility has been a springboard to new possibilities. The borders become porous. You can work for a company in Montreal while staying in Quebec City. You can work from home or in a collaborative space in the city. In short, collaboration 3.0 has decentralized the job market and recruited talent from around the world.


Today, email remains among the first elements in setting up a discussion with clients or co-workers. Remember the dizzying number that we shared earlier on our Facebook page: we spend 5 ½ hours a day processing emails! Next come discussion platforms, which are developing rapidly because they have the advantage of drastically reducing internal emails for more everyday discussions. The phone is also widely used at conferences with remote employees or customers. Finally, messages sent by SMS remain a last resort to start a professional discussion.

With all these different means of communication, one might think that internal communication is simplified. However, according to recent studies, many errors of file processing persist, urgent decisions lead to misunderstandings. Did media multiplication generate a paradox?



The dangers of poor internal communication


According to a study by Vocoli, miscommunication can lead to a loss of $ 26,041 on average per employee per year! This is huge and alarming enough to make it worth considering.

In addition to the financial loss, there is also the loss of time. According to the Vocoli study, a company of 100 employees can lose up to 884 hours to clarify information on a project. Not to mention the snowball effect, with the loss of credibility with its employees or customers when two different versions coexist on the same file, or the loss of motivation, better known today as the brownout …

Let us remember that communicating, keeping in touch, is not only transmitting, it is also and above all ensuring that the receiver of the message has understood it completely.


When this communication is not done, it may be because of so-called noises, which interfere with the clear transmission of the message. Such noises can be numerous and come from different sources. For instance, the body of the message itself can be unclear, as well as its form. Lack of feedback can also prevent clarity of transmission.



As you can see, miscommunication risks are numerous. A good manager, a good team manager, is the one who chooses the right formats and tools to collaborate with his employees.


Keeping in touch: choosing the right tool


There are many tools to help you keep in touch with employees and collaborators. In addition to providing information security, these tools help strengthening the links between various business departments.


Choose the right format and stick to it. Keep consistency in your internal communications. You have several options that you can cumulate: it goes from the company newsletter to dinners or 5@7 between employees …


Use a tool to help you in the logistics management of your meetings. When you are on the move, it should be easy to zap some critical information! Selecting solutions that easily adapt to the constraints of your various trades can be a good compromise.


Finally, opt for an emergency protocol. Define the procedure by which it is easiest to join a given group.


At Facilis, we have developed intuitive solutions to perfectly match your work habits, without the need for a major logistical reorganization in your company. With our popular application, mybys, you can share your screen instantly without downloading unnecessary software. And this year, we've developed a corporate social networking solution, Wootline, where you can summon your colleagues, associates, and consultants and share diverse contents in one place, thus reducing overflows in your business.


Only one click does the trick!


And you, how do you keep in touch?


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