WootLine: the new generation of corporate social network

December 14, 2017

Remember last week, in our blog post, we were talking about the importance of internal communication and the way it was increasing your productivity. Many tools have been created for the past few years and a new solution rises the corporate social network.


What is a corporate social network?


With its true interactive platform, the corporate social network can have many forms. But among these, a few characteristics are quite the same:


- there is a newsfeed for the latest news

- a hand-made profile in which you can add professional interests


Many advantages can be related to the use of a corporate social network: you can reduce your emails, centralize news and even transmit information faster.


A lot of solutions exist today. It’s easy to compare one to another if you use matrices like Lecko did recently. We invite you to read the Journal du net post written about it: bit.ly/matrice-lecko.


As you will see, different crossed criteria can determine the quality or the positioning of a social network. When some are good for sharing files, others are excellent for the direct messaging. In our days, Office 365 and G suite are the most used applications.



How the idea of WootLine emerged



These offers work only if you have a specific mail address or if everybody downloads the application. Many organizations or companies have a specific way of working or want a maximum security when they share confidentiality.

At Facilis, we wanted to help you more by creating a product like mybys, versatile, that could work in every situation or configuration. Nothing is more boring than downloading one application just to speak with a client or a collaborator, isn’t it?


We asked our client what they wanted for their daily use.

They wanted a tool that could help them in their emergency situations in order to make the right decision, in time.

And so WootLine was born! A corporate social network completely versatile that can be used in addition to our first product, mybys.


A revolutionary tool: SMS alerts


Receive a notification via email or in your desktop is available at one condition: that you are actually connected to the Internet! So we developed one thing that doesn’t exist elsewhere: with us, you can send SMS alerts!


In case of emergency, you can plan a last-minute meeting with everyone, even with those who are traveling. One click is sufficient! You can send alerts, notes or even surveys!


Why choosing an owl?


A question often asked! The owl is an animal able to see in the dark. From her piercing eyes, she can scrutinize any detail even in the deepest darkness. You can do the same with WootLine! You can overview all your projects and never be lost again!


A good choice of mascot for our application, don’t you think so?


Wootline is currently on free trial. We are preparing a new version for early 2018 that will take into account all comments received during its test. If you want to contribute, just ask your version here! https://www.wootline.com/


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