3 tips for a good cooperation during season’s greetings

December 18, 2017

Chocolates galore, gifts list, food menus… but also newsletters, emails greetings, small gestures for VIP clients, everything is jostling as Christmas approaches! 


This time of the year is full of twists: your collaborators schedule their vacations differently, deadlines are tightening…To avoid losing the thread, Facilis has identified a few tips to pass this period without skidding! 1,2,3, go!


1. One meeting to learn about each person’s schedule


First of all, keep in mind that for Christmas time, is slowing down activities for you, but also for your clients. No need to harass them during this time centered on family and intimacy.


Plan a meeting the week before Christmas and list with your staff the few files that remain to be processed and those to take shape in early January. This will be the time to establish a list of your priorities and to review certain deadlines.


Read the agenda of your employees: display them in a common calendar. Who leaves between Christmas and New Year's Day? Who leaves after? Check that all your data is up to date.


With mybys, it's easy: you can organize a conference bridge with Intercall and start a screen sharing session in no time! So you can bring everyone together.


2. Flash surveys for a quick decision


Emails are the first communication mode for companies but your box will be full soon and you won’t be able to see your priorities. Do you want to agree on a particular subject? You can conduct surveys to help you in your decision-making.


With WootLine, you can plan surveys in no time. Only 4 steps are needed to create one for your company:


- select “survey”, create a question and its answers
- select your groups
- choose between SMS and emails or keep both
- check your survey


And that’s all! All your contacts receive a notification. They can answer by SMS or email and you can easily learn about their choices.

3. An emergency protocol


Before you leave, clarify how to reach your collaborators if an emergency occurs. At Facilis, we chose to make SMS alerts our trick!


You won’t have any trouble contacting those who are on the move and who don’t have access to the Internet. In a few steps, you can contact them on a particular file. In addition, with WootLine, you can add multimedia messages to be as clear as possible. Not bad, isn’t it?



You will see, with a little of organization and a lot of talking, being ready for Christmas time become less complicated! The important thing is to know in advance everybody’s possibilities and to have an agreement in order to avoid misunderstandings.


We wish you happy holidays, hoping for your success and serenity!




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